Work and Play

Topics: Want, Future, Personal life Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: November 29, 2010
“Work and Play”
The perfect balance between work and play – working hard and getting all the necessary assignments finished, and then being able to come home and still have time to enjoy life. If someone is letting themselves be consumed with work and it is all they can think about, they are forgetting what life is really all about. In society today, people need to become more aware that life is short lived, and we must get the most out of it. That means, when a person isn’t at work, they shouldn’t be working; they should be doing something that they enjoy.

In my future, I see myself going into the military field of work, and with the military come a lot of traveling and adventure. Often, I will be living in places that I may have never even heard of. Also, I will experience things that many other people would never even dream of doing. The characteristics I for-see of my future work are as follows – focus, organization, and completed work. I understand that if I want my life at home to be successful, I must first have a successful work life. Using these characteristics, I will be able to make sure that my work life does not interfere with my life at home. By focusing, the quality of my work will be at it’s absolute highest; I will not become distracted by events happening at home or even in the world because I know I must focus on my work or else it will not meet the necessary standards. Also, by keeping organized I will avoid many potential stressful moments. I will always know what it is I must get done for that particular day, and I will always know where the things I need are to complete those assignments. If I fell into the trap of becoming unorganized, I would most likely become too stressed out to enjoy my home life even the least bit. As well as staying organized I will always leave my work place with all of my assignments or tasks completely finished. By making sure of this, I will never have to worry about work when I am at home. Not...
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