Work and Leisure

Topics: Leisure, Personal life, Hypertension Pages: 3 (1200 words) Published: April 29, 2013
“My father taught me to work, but not to love it. I never did like to work, and I don’t deny it. I’d rather read, tell stories, crack jokes, talk, laugh -- anything but work.“ -Abraham Lincoln

Dating back to the 1800‘s, as well as before and after then, work has only been known as a means of making a living to support the family. Depending on whom the person was and what social class they held, work was not something too enjoyable. There was also little time for leisure, for men especial, during the day since most people had to work hard in order to have goods to trade and sell. People who had a lot of wealth or value, which were primarily the rich and white, virtually did nothing while middle-class white males worked hard while the women held domestic jobs. As for people of color, they were deemed slaves. Now, in the year 2013, there has been an incline in female workers in factories, corporations, and other various jobs. Slavery has been abolished and America is beginning to see a level playing field relating to work and business. But even with this being said, do people truly enjoy the work that they do? According to,, 80 percent of working men and women do not enjoy their jobs. Along with this, the average day for an American adult (24-54) is consumed with around 8.8 hours of work, 7.6 hours of sleep, and 2.5 hours of doing leisure activities. Work has completely consumed America, and oddly enough, we are one of the few countries that has statistics as in-proportionate as these.

Balancing work and Leisure is something that Americans seem to find hard to do. We tend to over-work ourselves and from that we get sick, stressed-out, and end up with many other physical health conditions. As of now, there are still no mandatory laws stating that workers are required paid sick days and no legally mandated annual leave. In every other country, besides Canada and Japan, the United States is the only country that does not...
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