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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Family revision notes:
Key words:
Conjugal roles: The roles a husband and wife play in the home. Child-centeredness: When parents focus more on the needs and interests of the child. Nuclear family: a family which consists of an adult man an adult woman and their dependant children ‘Cereal packet’ family: The ‘typical family’ portrayed by the media, where the man is the ‘bread winner’ (the one who goes out to work) and the woman is the ‘home maker’ (does housework/childcare.) Cohabitation: When a couple are living together but are not married. Domestic division of labour: The way jobs are divided/ shared around the house e.g. washing dishes schedule. Patriarchal: When the man has more power/control/authority over the woman. Symmetrical family: conjugal roles are seen amore similar and equal e.g. sharing housework; both husband and wife have paid jobs etc. Household: a group of people who share a house.

Extended family: A nuclear family + other relatives, 3 generations = vertically extended family (grandparents or other family), same generation = horizontally extended 4 main functions of the family:

Reproduction: produces the next generation of worker and regulates sexual behaviour BUT now reproduction does not need a couple living together in marriage, couples may choose to adopt, cohabit have surrogate parents and IVF. Primary socialisation: parents teach norms and values BUT young children go to nurseries nannies and childminders where they are also taught basic norms and values. Emotional support: stable family life gives us support keeping us happy BUT now people get professional help from doctors, counsellors etc Economic support: help financially within the family BUT now the benefit system helps those who do not have enough money.
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