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arts and music
The University of Trinidad and Tobago
Submitted by:
Leonard Ellis
ID# 61602

Lp # 67c O’Meara Road
Printery Lane
The Ministry of Education,
18 Alexandra Street,
St. Clair,
Port of Spain,
The Honourable Dr. Tim Gopeesingh, MP,
My name is Leonard Ellis and I am at present engrossed in the Bachelor’s Degree of Education program at The University of Trinidad and Tobago. Currently, I am a freshman at this institution and it gives me great pleasure to write this letter on behalf of my colleagues, stating our views with pertinence to the unfortunate absence of Music and Arts in the curriculum which is evident in many schools and institutions. As an as aspiring teacher, I think that the importance of these neglected subject areas cannot be stressed more. Music and the arts should be included in the everyday schedule of the classroom. Many educators focus on the regular subjects; like English and do not see the significance of the arts and music, this, is the main cause of the ignorance towards the implementation of these subjects into the schools daily curriculum. Most teachers and not only teachers, society as well, have a concept that Music and Arts are just extracurricular courses provided as a recreation exercise provided for students after a demanding week of mandatory subjects. I personally have no recollection of how this concept originated but what I do know is that this was conceptualized in bias. The commendable relationship to Music and Arts Education is evident when we observe the students joyfully formulating assignments together, this positive upshot also has a domino effect in their other subject areas when we gather information of their academic achievement repots. If one was to take time off to actually gain knowledge about the two subject areas in question, one would realized that they acetate countless...
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