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Assessment of ''Lord of the Flies''

Well the story goes like this, there are some boys that are in a island. When there are in the island there has been war and death going on just because they cant get along.

The frist thing that i am going to explain is civilsation about the conch and the shall head. The conch repersant power to create leadership what i mean about that is that if one of the boys want to talk they will have to use the conch to talk. The shall head means power to bring out its inner evil,that means they have to kill a pig to get the beastie ataction to be friendly and to get them (boys) safe.

Know the second part that i am going to talk about is simon, well he is a person that represents peace and tranquility,with some references to Jesus Christ, and he is very in-tune with the island and also just a nice boy that care about thing that are arond him and also life, but because he is too nice i am afraid that he got killed by Jack's people, who ironically mistake him for the beast.

Know on to Piggy, well he is a nice boy aswell as simon. Piggy belives that the conch is very powerful and that he respect it very much, but sadly he had to die with simon in a unhappy death.

Similarites well what can i say the conch was powerful but not powerful than the shall head, the reason i am saying this that when the conch got sadly smached all you can see is whiteness off it, and with the shall head when the skin colour was going you can only see white on the shall head face.

Know on to the school uniform and face paint, the school uniform link to the previous life- rules what i mean about that is when they frist arrived the island the frist thing they do is take they uniform out and that, is the frist start for them. And for the face paint mean that they want to hide they identity from the other's also that they wanted they face to be a mask or something.

Know i am onto the Beastie, well the Beastie is powerful because everyone is...
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