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Learning and Teaching Guide

Module code: 4GK004
Year: 20 credits, Year Long, 2012-13

Module Leader: Dr Pauline Anderson, MC206.
Other Staff: Shirin Housee, MC331 Clare Williams, MC231

Module Description
Volunteering in the Community is a community-based learning module which gives students the opportunity to combine practical experience with their academic studies. The module enables students to develop a range of vocational and interpersonal skills commensurate with graduate employment and critical citizenship. In addition, the module provides students with the opportunity to link their academic studies with volunteering activity and to ‘learn by doing’.

Learning Outcomes
On the successful completion of the module you should be able to:
1. Demonstrate the ability to negotiate and organise a volunteering placement in a not-for-profit organisation. 2. Demonstrate practical insight into the operation of a specific not-for-profit organisation; 3. Reflect upon the links between you academic subject(s) of study and your volunteering experiences. 4. Reflect upon the acquisition of vocational skills and personal development in relation to your volunteering.

Assessment (See overleaf for full details)
% weighting
for items of assessment
Hand in date

Minimum pass grade for assessment task(s)
Portfolio consisting of:

1. Volunteering Agreement
Failure to submit will result in fail grade for module
.2.Learning Statement

3. Volunteering Report

The module is not conventionally taught by weekly class contact. Most of your time will be spent volunteering at your chosen organisation. However, the following workshops support student learning and assessment as well as the practical aspects of your volunteering activity. Attendance at workshops is compulsory. No individual tutorials will be given covering the content of workshops.

Students are required to attend ONE workshop in EACH of the weeks noted below. The same information is repeated at each workshop. All workshops run from 12-2pm unless otherwise stated.

Week 1: Workshop 1 (Introduction to the module/Finding a Placement) Monday 24th September 2012
Wednesday 26th September 2012
Thursday 27th September 2012

Week 2: Workshop 2 (Motivations for Volunteering)
Monday 1st October 2012
Wednesday 3rd October 2012
Thursday 4th October 2012

Week 3: Workshop 3 (Completing the Volunteering Agreement)
Monday 8th October 2012
Wednesday 10th October 2012
Thursday 11th October 2012

Week 6 : Workshop 4 (Drop-in for students still seeking placements, 12-1pm only) Monday 29th October 2012
Wednesday 31st October 2012
Thursday 1st November 2012

Week 9:
Submission of Volunteering Agreements by Thursday 22nd November 2012
Week 10: Workshop 5 (Completing the Learning Statement)
Monday 26th November 2012
Wednesday 28rth November 2012
Thursday29th November 2012

Week 12: Workshop 6 (Drop-in tutorials for Learning Statement, 12-1pm only) Monday 10th December 2012
Wednesday 12th December 2012
Thursday13th December 2012

SEMESTER 2 – Note change of rooms!

Week 13:
Submission of Learning Statements by Thursday 17th January 2013
Week 17: Workshop 7 (Return of Learning Statements)
Monday 11th February 2013
Wednesday 13th February 2013
Thursday 14th February 2013

Week 20: Workshop 8 (Volunteering and Graduate Employability) Monday 4th March 2013
Wednesday 5th March 2013
Thursday 6th March 2013

Spring Break

Week 23: Workshop 9 (Guidance on writing the Volunteering Report) Monday 8th April 2013
Wednesday 10th April 2013
Thursday 11th...
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