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2nd Year Intermediate English Questions Answers Why Boys fail in College

Second Year Intermediate Questions Answers

Why Boys fail in College

Q.1: According to the author there are some boys who fail because they do not try. Who are they? Can we help them? Ans: The boys who do not try are those who are diverted from their studies. They indulge in unnecessary things like sharpening pencils. Some boys do not study because they dislike the subjects chosen for them. Those who have always passed without much effort, also do not try to exert fully. So far as I (Herbert E. Hawkes) can see cannot be eradicated by anyone but the boy himself. Others can see the difficulty, but the boy must take himself by the collar and take himself cultivate a poise and calm that smothers the fidgets.

Q.2: How does mistaken ambition on the part of boys and their parents lead to the failure of the boys? Ans:Herbert E. Hawkes says " I find a boy who is not showing any interest in his work, and who is not trying to do it with any distinction, because he is following a direction, mapped out by his parents, that runs counter to all of his interests and abilities. As well argued with a person that he ought to like onions when he detests them. If such a boy fails, it is because he cannot bring himself to try to do the work that is distasteful to him, and that he feels is leading him in the wrong direction.

Q.3: There are some boys who have done well at school but fail to make their mark at college. Who are they? Do you have such boys in college in your country? Ans: Another type of boy who does not try is the very bright boy who has always done his school work without effort, and who has never learned what real application is. He supposes that he can float through college with as little effort as he did through school. It is a category of the students that is found everywhere in the world.No doubt such boys are found in...
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