Topics: Culture, Archaeology, Childhood Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Chapter 6: Children’s Peer Cultures and Interpretive Reproduction I. Examining Peer Culture From Children’s Perspective
A. Children and their peer cultures are worthy of documentation and study in their own right. B. Children’s culture is not something kids carry around in their heads to guide their Goffman, 1974). C. Childrens peer culture as a stable set of activists or routines, artifacts, values, and concerns that children produce and share in interaction with peers (Corsaro, 2003: Corsaro & Eder, 1990). II. Central Importance Of Peer Culture in Interpretive Reproduction A. It is through collective production of and participation in routines that children’s evolving memberships in both their peer cultures and the adult world are situated. B. Children’s participation in adult-child routines often generates disturbances or uncertainties in their lives. C. Children most often occupy subordinate positions and are exposed to much more cultural information than they can process and understand. D. From the perspective of interpretive reproduction, children’s activities with peers and their collective production of a series of peer cultures are as important as their interaction with adults. Parental Versus Effects on Children’s Development

A. Judith Harris pointed to work in behavioral genetics, which claims 50% of personality outcomes can be linked to genetic factors and the remaining 50% to the environment. B. Behavior geneticists consistently found that growing up in the same home and being reared by the same parents had little or no effect on adult personalities of siblings (Harris, 1998: Plomin & Daniels, 1987); C. birth order have significant effects (Dunn & Plomin, 1990). Children’s Transition to initial peer cultures

A. Families play a key role in the development of peer culture in interpretive reproduction. B. As children go out into the world, they are aimed in specific directions, are prepared for...
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