Wordsworth as a Teacher

Topics: Mind, Human, Thought Pages: 2 (788 words) Published: April 26, 2013
According to Wordsworth, every poet ought to be a teacher. Regarding himself, it was his opinion that he should be remembered merely as a teacher. But his concept of teaching was somewhat untraditional. It was his firm opinion that education should never be knowledge oriented, but life oriented. If an educated man is not able to solve human problems, his education is useless. In 'The Tables Turned', he openly says:

Come forth into the light of things,
Let Nature be your Teacher.
Education of Nature—Wordsworth points out that nature has a world of ready wealth. Our minds and hearts are blessed by its spontaneous wisdom. It is breathed by health, truth and cheerfulness. He claims that one impulse from a vernal wood may teach us more of man. It teaches of moral evil and of good, more than all the worldly sages. He curses our modern way of teaching. His Mystical Experience in Nature—It is Wordsworth's sublime love to nature that he finds divine glory reflected in objects and activities of nature. Seeing the rising and setting suns, he feels the presence of a divine power to regulate all so perfectly. Likewise, the vast sea moves round the earth and the air blows to the sky confirms his viewpoint that God is not a separate power, but an invisible force that is interfused in all active units. The mind of man working so strangely that it has always been drawing inspiration and energy for the divine power. He is present rounding. It is imperfection of our vision that we don't perceive Him. The Divine Glory of Childhood—As a teacher, Wordsworth inspires to recognize how a child displays the glory of heaven reflected in his smile for he is blessed with divine qualities. Here, it suggests a bitter irony that in childhood, the mind is dominated by awareness for the immortal existence of soul. With the passing of time, worldliness decays the blessed sense and the man is lost in common activities of human life. The mist of worldliness envelops so heavily that the sense...
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