Words of Wisdom

Topics: Mind, Thought, Delayed onset muscle soreness Pages: 3 (1109 words) Published: February 4, 2013
LA/Com II Period 4
31 January 2013
Words of Wisdom
Many say that once in a lifetime, when faced with hardship and struggle, when put down to their lowest, every person will have some life-altering experience that will set the base for every action taken from then on out. These experiences can take various forms, ranging anywhere from the Hollywood hero rising up after surviving some impossible danger, to a simple conversation with a friend or lover. In this day and age, it is easy to believe that it is mere coincidence that these events still occur, but there are still those who believe that from the beginning everything had been laid out on a path by some higher power to reach that very point where you learn something that will help you shape who you are and how you act. I am one of those people.

It was freshman year, a warm Thursday evening for most, but inside the Rocklin High School Gymnasium, twenty-three tired and sweaty freshman and sophomores pushed their limits for a chance to make the Rocklin High School basketball team. It was here that every dribble I took, every suicide I ran, and every drop of blood and sweat I shed would culminate into something more. It was here that the person I am now was born.

We had just finished a forty-five minute plyometrics station led by trainer Mike, of Elite Fitness Performance, and were moving our tired, lead-like legs, one in front of the other like machines as we strode to what we felt was certain doom in the weight room. I remember walking into the weight room, smelling the humid, putrid air and seeing the sweat-stained floor and thinking to myself, “I give up.” I looked at my partners Garret Austin and Jonathon Rentz, and instantly discerned from the worried looks on their faces that they had thought the same exact thing. We proceeded to our work stations, dread filling us with each step towards the tall workout station. The wet, metal, ring-shaped weights as well as the still soaked workout...
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