Words: Making You or Breaking You

Topics: Thought, Mind, Bullying Pages: 7 (2795 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Words, words, words. People simply think of them as that – just words. "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me." One has probably heard of that famous line however those who have said that are mistaken. Words are not as harmless as some may think. Words can either hurt one badly or lift one’s spirits up. Constantly, words are there and continue to help us get through in life. Words generate expectations, possibilities, illustrations and impressions. Words help build relationships. They influence how people think since one’s thoughts determine one’s actions. Words can deeply wound people, heal hearts or even save lives. Words have the power to break confidence in one’s self, build relations that could last a life time or launch a fight in an instant. Words have as much positive effects as it has negative effects but most importantly, words, whether thought of or spoken, have a very powerful effect on how people may see the world, make their choices and in their decision-making. It can either build or destroy as said in the Bible in Proverbs 18:21 “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue…”

There has been a lot of research done as regards to the connection between the words we reflect on or verbalize and how that can affect the power of our mind and thoughts and how that, in turn, can affect how one might visualize the things they may see. You see, the mind is a very powerful thing. It has been said that the average person only uses ten percent of what the mind can actually do yet it already has tremendous power. It has the power to digest and accumulate hundreds and thousands of information and is able to retrieve a certain piece of information from thousands whenever considered necessary. It has been mentioned in a research that when people say more of something, the more that they will believe it and the more that they believe it, the more they will say it. Our thoughts are very important and influential and most often, our thoughts are in the form of words. Our words form our thoughts, our thoughts form our actions, our actions form our society and in turn, our society forms the world. It is like what Buddha has said, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thought and with our thoughts we make the world.” This all goes back to our words. Our words as well as our thoughts have the power to impact the things happening around us. Poorly selected choice of words can kill enthusiasm and passion, damage friendship, lower self-esteem and expectations, create doubt and hesitation, and hold people back from things they wish to do. On the other hand, well selected words can motivate, increase enthusiasm, offer a brighter outlook on life, create vision, manipulate thinking and advance results.

So in what way do words, both its positive and negative effects, and the thoughts that are the products of it, fit in, in the question: How does the way we describe something affect the way we see it? First of all describing, among other things, involves the use of words. An individual may perhaps choose to describe something either negatively or positively. This will then shape how the individual will ‘see’ or perceive what he or she has described by altering the given image in the individual’s mind into his or her own interpretation or understanding, whether consciously or subconsciously (unconsciously). Most of the time, when an individual describes something, his or her description reflects or is a mirror of what the individual believes to be true or real. This being said, an individual has the power or control over what he or she opts to believe in, therefore choosing what he or she wishes to see or perceive.

Everyday, people go through a lot of things though these things may not always be pleasant. For example, an individual may possibly go through bullying, not only in school, but in the workplace and naturally, in any area of their lives. This person, let us say is a boy,...
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