Words Are Not Enough

Topics: 2003 singles, Emotion, The World Is Not Enough Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: June 15, 2011
A very good morning to everyone present here today. I’m Bryan Ong from the Methodist Boys’ School of Kuala Lumpur. It is indeed a great honor for me to stand here today to deliver my talk. Before I begin my talk, may I ask you people to do me a favor? It’s pretty simple; just try to view this situation as though as it’s a picture. Tell me, what would you say from it? Exactly! You see a rather decent looking boy standing here trying to overcome his fear and deliver a talk. And behind me you see the theme of the talk today – words are not enough. Ladies and gentlemen, through merely a picture, such adequate amount of data can be collected already. Now, try to describe this situation, without a picture, and only with words. I bet you’re going to use up 2 pages just to describe me standing here. The thing that I’m trying to say here is that, sometimes, words are just not enough.

Ladies and gentleman, word is defined as a unit of language. Words can be used for a plethora of reasons. And it is very much essential in our life. But is it ever enough to rely only on words? Things are easier said than to be done. You may contrive a brilliant plot in words to seize the world. But if you’re not doing what you’ve plotted, how brilliant the plot may be, it will still end up as nothing. Everyday’s interactions involve words. Even here right now, the irony of using words to bring out this talk under the theme – words are not enough, involve words. But there’s a reason of why they did not restrict emotions and movements in this talk. I can smile cheekily when I say something sarcastic to support my sarcasm. No one will be able to sense the sarcasm when you are saying it with a blank face plainly with words. And again, words are not enough.

People cry, frown, snarl, smile, and laugh. These are the examples of why words are not enough. You don’t tell people you’re happy when your face is showing no expression or whatsoever. People won’t be convinced! This is why emotions...
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