Words Are More Treacherous and Powerful Than We Think.

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  • Published : June 10, 2009
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"Words are more treacherous and powerful than we think."

Language is an essential tool to people for communicating messages and expressing feelings. Civilizations, and an understanding of the world around have been built with language, but as there is no doubt that words are powerful, they have also destroyed lives and relations to prove their potentiality. Now the question is, how does this relate to the areas of knowing?

The most obvious effect of language is in the human sciences since psychology relies entirely on the verbal input, which allows a deeper understanding of the matter. This shows a positive influence, but words can also be easily misleading. For example, I have been a victim of bullying in my old school, so I had to talk to a curator. The bullies were of course denying what they had done, but who would the school staff most likely to believe, a young 7th grader, who is new to the school, or a group of students from 9th grade? They chose to believe the young 7th grader and I think that their choice was wise, but of course I could have been lying. The manipulation and selection of words depends on people and their knowledge.

Language has a similar effect on historical understanding as well as on human sciences. The words are different, but the events stay the same. For example, two history textbooks from different publishers have the same events in them, but they are written differently, so one of the books could have left out something that the other one has.

On the other hand, mathematics uses very severe language. Every symbol has a meaning. To mention some, pi means the ration between the circumference and diameter of a circle or theta indicating degrees. All the symbols math involves mean just that, and nothing more. If two students are solving the same problem and get different answers, they are able to rethink their steps to spot an error, and then come to a conclusion with the same answers. Without words that give meanings to the...
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