Word That Hard to Pronounce and Its Meaning

Topics: Contempt, Paul Ekman, Morality Pages: 3 (822 words) Published: July 9, 2011
1. Onomatopoeia: Onomatopoeia (as anuncountable noun) refers to the property of such words. Common occurrences of onomatopoeias include animal noises, such as "oink" or "meow" or "roar”. 2. Serendipity: when interesting or valuable discoveries are made by accident [↪ luck] 3. ABDICATE: To give up claim to - abdicated the throne 4. ABRIDGE: To shorten - abridged his lengthy speech.

5. ABSTEMIOUS: Moderate in the use of food or drink - abstemious in his habits. 6. ACRIMONIOUS: Sharp or harsh in language or temper - stung by the acrimonious remark 7. AESTHETIC: Pertaining to the beautiful - interested in aesthetic values rather than in purely practical affairs 8. AMBIGUOUS: Uncertain, vague, capable of being inter- in more than one way - puzzled by the ambiguous statement. 9. ANACHRONISM: A thing placed or occurring out of its normal time - A machine gun at the Battle of Yorktown would be an anachronism. 10. BESMIRCH: To soil or dirty - besmirched his opponent's good name with vile epithets. 11. BIBLIOPHILE: A lover of books - The bibliophile fingered the old book fondly. 12. BLANDISHMENT: A flattering speech or act - attracted people by his blandishments. 13. CHAUVINIST. An extreme patriot-a chauvinist with most pride in his country. 14. COERCION: Compelling a person by physical force or other means to do something against his will - rendered his services without the slightest coercion. 15. BLITHE: Gay and light-hearted in spirit or mood - spread cheer with her blithe spirit. 16. CONTEMPTUOUS: Expressive of contempt (an emotion involving anger and disgust) - cast a contemptuous look at his subordinate. 17. DELINQUENT (noun): An offender - found to be a delinquent by the court. 18. DISTRAUGHT: Mentally distressed; distracted - distraught by trials and tribulations. 19. ECCLESIASTIC (adj.): Pertaining to the clergy or the church - recognized as an authority...
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