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Topics: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Pages: 8 (2066 words) Published: May 15, 2012

|Learner: Marc Hutchinson |Date of Assessment: | |Learning Assessor: Kim Orwin |Units/Elements: | |Qualification: Business Admin Level 3 |Evidence Type: |

|Details of All Assessment Activities |Unit / Element & | | |Criteria | | | | |To complete everyday tasks within our office we use various different software applications which enable us to manage workloads more quickly and| | |effectively. Primarily we use Microsoft Word 2003 which is word processing software that is used to enter data which includes text, numerical | | |data and graphical sources. This can be used on a variety of tasks within the office to make work more manageable and easier to understand. | | | | | |An example where I use Microsoft Word within the office is by creating a fax cover note which can be used to send to customers/suppliers. To | | |create the template I would include our company information such as our telephone number, fax number and address. This would be used on each | | |template and would not be changed. Information that would be changed in the template however, would be the receivers name, date and reference | | |number and also the main body of the template. I would use the standard keyboard to type the relevant information into the template and spell | | |check the document to ensure accuracy. By formatting the font, font size or making the font stand out in bold or colour, this would show | | |importance and make information stand out more clearly. I would open the ‘format’ drop-down menu at the top of the document and open ‘font’ | | |which would be how I would change the information to aid meaning. I would then have the option to change the size, font type and colour. To show| | |the company name and logo on the template, I would import a jpeg image of the company logo into the Microsoft Word document and include into the| | |header. To do this, I would firstly view the header by opening the ‘view’ drop-down menu at the top of the Microsoft Word document and pressing | | |‘Header and Footer’. Once opened I would then insert the image by opening the ‘Insert’ drop-down menu and pressing ‘Picture’ and ‘from file’. I | | |would then have the option to include a picture from file that can be included in the document. Once all the information is entered into the | | |template, I would check for any errors by firstly spell checking the document. I would also proof read the document to ensure the correct | | |information is entered and to avoid any further mistakes. The layout would also be considered so that the information can be viewed easily and | | |to avoid confusion. I would justify the paragraphs on the document so that information is viewed more neatly. If errors occurred within the |...
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