Word Problems:

Topics: Angle, Triangle, Distance Pages: 2 (334 words) Published: September 14, 2012

Case I. AAS – Angle/Angle/Side
-Given: One Side & Two Angles
-Side which is an opposite of one of the angle.

Problem: Points A and B are 42.75 yards apart on one side of a river and point C across the river with angle A = 75°13’ and angle B = 42°34’. Find the length of point C and its angle.

Given: a = 42.75yards b = c =
α = 75°13’ β = 42°34’ У =

Case II. SSA – Side/Side/Angle
-Ambiguous Case -Given: Two sides and an angle -Can represent: 1Δ, 2Δs or no triangle. -For 1Δ: a. Angle given is <90°. b. Opposite side of the given angle is greater than the other given side. -For 2Δ: 1. a<b 2. Β>α 3. α<β 4. У<β

Problem: A high-powered sniper rifle was fired, releasing the bullet at 12.43m diagonally to the left forming an angle of 94°. As the bullet landed on 12.43m it deflected 19.4m to the right. Find the angle made by the deflection and the nearest distance of the shooter from where the bullet landed after it deflected.

Given: a = 19.4m b = 12.43m c =
α = 94° β = У =

Case III. SAS – Side/Angle/Side
-Given: 2 side lengths and the measured angle between them.

Problem: A triangular field is surveyed. The length of one side of the field measured 365m and another side 267m. The angle between these two sides is 100°. Find the remaining parts of the farmer’s field.

Given: a = 365m b = c = 267m
α = β = 100° У =

Case IV. SSS – Side/Side/Side
-Given: Three side lengths are given.

Problem: The adjacent sides of a parallelogram are 10.62 in. and 14.73 in. If the longest diagonal is 22.04 in., find the angle of each side.

Given: a = 10.62 in b = 14.73 in c = 22.04 in...
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