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Basic Sentence Word Order in Standard American English
[adapted from http://www.better-english.com/grammar/wordorder.htm]

The usual word order for standard American English sentences is

Subject Verb Object Place Time

(who) (did what) (where)(when)

The teacherwrotean exampleon the blackboard yesterday. The dogatethe steakin the kitchen this morning.
My secretary sentthe letterlast week.
The trainis leavingfor Bostontomorrow.

Instructions: Rewrite the following sentences by putting the correct parts in the chart below.

1. I watched last night on TV a very good movie.
2. Had left before I got to his dressing room the actor.
3. Very recently to this country they came.
4. Is confusing for me this situation right now.
5. I can’t remember right now her name.
6. I saw last night on TV an interesting news documentary. 7. I have been for six months in this country.
8. In the same house have lived the sisters for many years. 9. I didn’t when I got here many problems have in this city. | |Subject |Verb |Object |Place |Time | |1 |I |watched |a very good movie |on TV |last night. | |2 | | | | | | |3 | | | | | | |4 | | | | | | |5 | | | | | | |6 | | | | | | |7 | | | | | | |8 | | | | | | |9 | | | | | | |10 | | | | | |

10. The mugger in the chest stabbed the victim before running away. 1
A. Do you play every week tennis?
B. Every week do you play tennis?
C. Do you every week play tennis?
D. Do you play tennis every week?
A. I'm going to see him on Monday.
B. I'm going on Monday to see him.
C. I'm on Monday going to see him.
D. I'm going to on Monday see him.
A. Here she has worked for a very long time.
B. For a very long time she has worked here.
C. She has worked for a very long time here.
D. She has worked here for a very long time.
A. I want to speak English fluently really.
B. I really want to speak English fluently.
C. I want really to speak English fluently.
D. I want to speak really English fluently.
A. Sally took to The Bistro for lunch the auditors.
B. Sally took the auditors to The Bistro for lunch.
C. Sally took for lunch the auditors to The Bistro.
D. Sally took to The Bistro the auditors for lunch.
A. He has been in Cali since February...
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