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abysshole so deep as to appear bottomless
acquiesceagree, accept without protest
affablepolite and friendly, easy to talk to
afflictiondistress, suffering
affluentwealthy, abundant
agitatemove, shake, stir up
ambiguoushaving more then one meaning
annextake possession of
aqueousof or like water
arduousdemanding great effort, strenuous
aromaquality or surrounding atmosphere considered typical
atonemake repayment
bellicoseinclined to fighting
calisthenicsexercises to develop strong bodies
captorperson who takes smb captive
concoctinvent, prepare by mixing together
danglehand or swing loosely
deprivetake away from, prevent from using
docileeasily trained or controlled
dolefuldismal, mourful
droughta long period of dry weather
dubiousfeeling doubt
effacerub or wipe out, obliterate
elucidateto make understandable
enchantcharm, delight
endeavorto make an effort, to try very hard
endorseapprove, support a claim or statement
enthraltake the whole attention, enslave
exploitto use for selfish advantage or profit
extolto praise highly
flimsylacking solidarity, strength
frauda fault, a deception
gaudytoo bright and showy
ghastlydeath-like, pale and ill
grumbleto complain
harassworry, trouble
hereticvery busy; active
impedimentsmth that hinders (esp in speech)
insatiatenever satisfied
loaferan idle, lazy person
lustrousbright; shining
malignto slander
meddleto interfere, to intrude
mendto repair
mirthbeing merry and happy
nauseafeeling of sickness
neglectpay no attention to
nocturnalof or in the night
obesevery fat
obsoleteno longer useful, outdated
perchtake up a high position
pervadespread through every part of
petulantunreasonably impatient or irritable
pillageplunder (esp in war)
presumptuoustoo bold or self-confident
quashed annuled
quenchingsatisfy, put an end to, put out
refurbishedmake clean, as if like new
rejoicinghappiness, joy
reticentin the habit of saying little
reverberatebe sent back, again and again
rigorsternness, strictness, severe conditions
rotunditystate of being round
salvagethe saving of property from loss
scatterednot situated together
shatterto break into many pieces
shunnedavoided, kept away from
sketchyshortly, roughly, quickly
sporadichappening from time to time
stifledsuppressed, kept back
striveto make great efforts, to struggle
succumbyield, die
taciturnunspoken, silent
tantalizeraise hopes that cannot be realized
tentativeuncertain, probable
torpiddull and slow
treacherousnot to be trusted, perfidious
tyroa beginner
uproarnoise and excitement
vanitya foolish pride
vehemenceforcefulness; intensity; conviction
vindicateprove the truth
voluptuousarousing sensual pleasures
wanlooking ill, not bright
wilea trick
wrinklemake small lines (eg forehead)

ABANDON: бууж өгөх, болих, тэвчих, хаях Synonyms: relinquish, forgo, forsake
ABASH: ичих, санаа зовоох, эвгүй байдалд оруулах Synonyms: fluster, disconcert, discomfit, discompose
Antonym: (adj.) self-possessed
ABDICATE: болих, цөхрөх, татгалзах
Synonyms: renounce, abandon, relinquish
ABET: уруу татах, өдөх,
Synonyms: spur, incite
Antonym: deter(хорих, ятгах . зогсоох)
ABRIDGE: багасгах, хураангуйлах, хасах Synonyms: curtail, diminish, retrench
Anthonyms: protract, elongate, amplify
ABROGATE: цуцлах, хүчингүй болгох, хаях, орхих Synonyms: annul, nullify, rescind, void
ABSTEMIOUS: хоол , архи хэмжээнд хэрэглэх Synonym: temperate
ACADEMIC: хичээлийн,
Synonym: scholastic(эрдмийн )
ACCEDE: зөвшөөрөх, санал нийлэх,
Synonym: assent
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