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Semester Project Report
PRT503 Entrepreneurship for Professionals

Executive Summary
This report is about the research on Australian major retailing company, Woolworths Limited. Woolworths Limited is not only available in Australia; Woolworths also has business chain in United State, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong and India (Woolworths_Limited 2009). The successful of Woolworths Limited had been the main focus of this research. There are five parts in this proposal. This first section of this proposal will discuss about the purpose of research and the scope or areas of the research. In the next section, organisation background will be discussed. The understanding of the organisation’s goals and objectives will be the guide for further research. Next, the understanding of the organisation’s business environment is essential because it is the areas or topics that will be analysis and research in the project. This section contains of organisation’s products and services description, organisation, successful initiatives and failed initiatives, and organisation structure chart. Besides, the organisation current status will be discussed too. For example, the business environments of the organisation will be included in this report, such as corporate responsibilities and sustainability; public interest; the organisation market place; stakeholder engagement; corporate governance and the business internal and external operating environment. The other topics, such as competitor, financial status, organisation innovation, organisation strategic success factor and risks, will be also included in this section. In addition, be aware of the importance of organisation strategies in achieving successful in the business, organisation strategies will be discussed. This includes marketing strategies and business level strategies. Of course, the organisation future growth and challenge will be discussed by using different analysis techniques and tools. Recommended future growth and strategies will be provided at the end of this report. Lastly, a conclusion will be made based on this research.

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Scope of the Research
There are three main purposes in this research. The first part of this research is about the past history of Woolworths. It is important to understand the previous history of Woolworths. The previous status of Woolworths will be used to compare to the current status of Woolworths. The main success of the company will be discovered and the reason of the success will be investigated. Of course, major failures of the company and the reasons of failures will be included as the discussion topic in this project to get the lesson learned in the past experiences (Li and Guisinger 1991).

In addition, this project will also discuss on the present situation or status of the organisation. Structure of an organisation is very important, it help to run the organisation’s daily operation smoothly. Organisation structure also helps in organising, categorising and delegating task to achieve the organisation’s goal. This is also determining how the organisation’s decisions are made. Thus, the understanding of how the organisation is structured is essential (Pugh, Brading et al.).

Furthermore, the good practices and good example of the organisation will be discussed too, such as leadership, communication, management, governance, strategies and so forth. The study of this will reveal how the organisation achieves success in its business. The expansion of the Woolsworths business will also lead the expansion of type of services and products sell. It is important which prepared the reader for further understanding of how the organisation’s products and services being marketed. This is also involves the understanding of the product life cycle of the organisation. Lastly, the financial status of the organisation and competitor will be analysed.

Lastly, the future trend of the organisation’s...
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