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December 14, 2012
Research Paper When I was in elementary school I remember when I used to go one the lunch line and the lunch ladies would serve us our lunches then we would get to buy snacks like different types of chips, ice cream, cookies, and chocolate bars. As I grew older it was always the same but there were more snacks and different types of drinks so instead of milk you could Capri-suns, Gatorade, Snapple’s and sodas. The one year out of nowhere there were no more sodas and all the chips where baked instead good old regular kind. Everything was healthier and I was confused why. They school board said it was because there trying to reduce and prevent obesity and trying to give healthier lunches in the school. School lunches are healthier than what they were before when I was younger.

It probably impossible for than 30 million school lunches served everyday will taste good. But congress is trying to make certain that whatever they serve on those cafeteria trays is nutritious and safe to eat. A reauthorization of the child nutrition act took place in 2010. The bill includes health promoting school food policy’s , setting improve nutrition standards for school meals, bringing rules and policies that help schools send a message about eating healthy throughout the school, and to make the process of getting free or reduced lunch if your eligible for it. If a child’s lunch is nutritious and it taste good it’s a plus. Lunches given through the

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School lunch program which is by the federal government cost about 2 dollars less than it would cost to make the meal at home and for families with low incomes the cost is reduced or even free. Kids spend most of their day in school and pretty much most of their...
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