Woody Project Proposal

Topics: Project management, Critical path method, Work breakdown structure Pages: 3 (584 words) Published: April 1, 2011
The Custom woodworking Company has been in the custom furniture business since the early 1950’s. Since their inception they have grown their business and reputation steadily. This growth has demonstrated a need for the company to expand its existing factory floor space. Therefore, the companies stakeholders have agreed to expand the existing property by adding “additional production capacity equivalent to 25% of the existing floor space” (Wideman). Moreover, the floor space would contain “air-conditioning, a dust-free paint and finishing shop, an automatic wood working production train, as well renovated offices for the President and Executive Vice President” (Wideman). The total renovation costs have been outlined not to exceed $17 million with a completion date of eighteen months from today. Current Project Problems:

1.No planning phase completed for the project.
2.Inexperienced mechanical engineer acting as project lead. 3.No design phase completed for the project.
4.Project lacked organization – ex. manufacturing drawings sat in junior clerk’s desk for two weeks. 5.Catalogue descriptions and specifications were never received resulting in design flaws. 6.Internal/External communication breakdowns

7.No coordination for implementation efforts
8.Task estimations not defined
9.Budget overruns
10.Project timeline exceeded two years
Proposed Solution:
In order to successfully complete the project a five phased approach based on the PMBOK will be taken. Phase 1 – Initiation
1.Define the project SOW.
2.Requirements gathering.
3.What are the “project goals, budget, timelines, resources, etc?” (Reynolds, 2010)

Phase 2 – Planning/Designing
1.Define the project team. Identify all key roles and responsibilities within the team 2.Complete a “WBS of all the work that must be done to complete the project” (Wysocki, 2009). 3.Design Review meetings

4.Task duration estimates.
5.Estimate project Costs
6.“Build a project...
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