Woody 2000

Topics: Project management, Work breakdown structure, Cost Pages: 5 (1141 words) Published: February 17, 2013
I. Project Concept and Strategy
A. Was the Woody 2000 project well conceived? Give reasons for your opinion. Answer: Yes, because before they plan the project, they considered first the advantages and disadvantages of expanding their location and enumerated the risk that they will be encounter if they pursue relocating their business.

B. What were Woody’s real objectives that could and should have been articulated? Answer: To improve the production efficiency of the company via computer controlled automation.

C. What strategies were there for achieving these objectives? What would you recommend? Answer: I recommend that conducting a feasibility study will help in achieving those objectives.

D. Did they consider other solutions? Give examples.

E. How would you gauge the project success? Could success be measured? If so, when? Answer: If the objectives of the project were met. Yes, if there were improvement on the performance of the business function compared to its previous activities.

II. Project Scope
A. Why do you suppose renovation of the President and Executive Vice President Offices were included in the project and was that a good idea? Answer: I think including the renovation of the President and Executive Vice President offices in the project was not a good idea because It’s not a priority in the project which is focusing on the production efficiency.

B. Write a simple project scope statement.
Answer: The scope of the project is to improved the production efficiency by expanding the work area and installing new and automatic equipments.

C. Develop a work breakdown structure.

III. Project Planning
A. What should be included in a Woody 2000 project plan? What use would it be? Answer: The project plan must include
B. Evaluate Woody’s plans for managing the project, including their approach to contracting for professional services and the construction work. What would you have done and would that change for successive phases of the project? Answer:

C. Did the project plan explain how the project and any changes would be controlled? Should this be part of the plan? Answer:
IV. Quality
A. How should quality be approached and what does it mean?
B. Why did Leadbetter not invoke the specifications to ensure quality? What was the result? C. What is the importance of Quality to a project like this
V. Planning and Scheduling
A. Identify and describe a set of project schedule milestones from project concept to project completion. B. Illustrate your milestones on a simple bar chart scaled to the information provided in the Case Study.

C. Would a good baseline plan have helped to show that the project would not meet its schedule? If so, how?
D. How should float on the critical path have been managed? Would this have helped to complete on time?
VI. Cost Estimating
A. Develop a high-level estimate by “guesstimation”.
Answer: about
B. How should the estimate be presented?
C. Is life-cycle costing a factor on this project?
D. Cashman kept his cash flow chart a secret. Why, and what would you have done?
Answer: Cashman may not want to let the others know the amount of money that have been (nalabas) and (napasok). Be professional. Don’t jump to the conclusion. Talk to him and ask why he would do such a thing.

VII. Contracting for Engineering and Construction Services
A. What were the contracting alternatives open to Woody’s? Which would have been best and what would that have involved?
B. How should the contract(s) be organized and tendered?
C. How should they be administered?
D. Were the original Woody 2000 project requirements delivered?
VIII. Communication and People Management
A. Draw a project organization chart. What were the real relationship?
B. Should Leadbetter have been left to run the project?
Answer: Leadbetter should have been the one take reposibility for the project because as a Project manager, he is more...
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