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What I liked about the project.
When building the project I enjoyed making the designs on the legs with the lathe. I also liked making the design on the table top with the piography pen. When using the chisel to make the shoulders the right thickness and length is tricky and needs patience but when I used it more and more, rail after rail, I discovered a trick how to make it correct. Making the design on the leg with the lathe takes time to get used to and I needed help at first from an experienced person but after the demonstration I was able to make the design. What I didn’t like about the project.

There isn’t really anything I didn’t like about the project, but if I had to choose something it would be that the project took patience and time. When things were going well there were times when I made mistakes by using the chisel and cutting off a fibre of the rail this made things a bit annoying for me as I was then behind time so there was some rushing and it didn’t make it easy to complete. What I would change.

There are a very few things about the project that I would change. One of them would be to cut the tenon a bit thinner so that I didn’t take so much time to put it together. When chiselling out the trench I could have made it easier for myself by chiselling all the way through instead of making it exactly fifteen centimetres deep.

What I learned.
I learned that you can use a lathe to make a beautiful design on a piece of timber. When used correctly the lathe could produce this design perfectly and in doing so I also learned that if you have everything relatively correct you can make a very effective piece of work.
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