Wonders of a Makeup Artist

Topics: Cosmetics, Make-up artist, Employment Pages: 3 (1233 words) Published: April 19, 2011
The Wonders of a Makeup Artist
A makeup artist creates the look and prosthetics for most theatrical and televised productions, including the modeling world. They are extremely well paid specialists, especially in the modeling and photography world, due to the artist’s ability to display a face to its full potential, as well as to establish a working relationship with the person receiving the makeover. The five different types of makeup applications are all very different, but similar in that they all follow the same concepts; highlights, shadows, and symmetry. “Their job is to help people look and feel glamorous, which in turn can help build their clients’ self-esteem and help provide the ‘perfect’ look…” ("Makeup Artist Career Guide."). There are many steps involved in becoming a makeup artist; however, what it takes to become one depends on their own style of application. Makeup artists can choose from five different types of makeup application they wish to specialize in the specific needs or in the field, they wish to pursue. Salon makeup is the foundation of all types of makeup applications and the first type. When an artist learns salon makeup, they learn how to make someone look his or her absolute best. This process can include using highlights to draw attention to a particular part of the face, and shadows to take attention away. “An example of this would be someone with a large forehead outlining their forehead with a darker foundation to minimize the appearance of the size of the forehead” ("Makeup Artist Profession."). In salon makeup, artists also learn how to make the application as neat and clean as possible. These characteristics, however, are much more crucial in advanced area such as theater makeup. The second type of makeup application is theater makeup. Once again, we use highlights and shadows, but this time we are using them to create a character, show emotion, and make it easy for the audience to read facial expressions because, “In...
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