Wonderful World of Colours

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  • Published : May 3, 2012
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The wonderful world of colours
Have you ever wondered where colour comes from and how dull life would be without it? Colours affect our everyday lives, even if we know it or not. We take it for granted. Before I go into any detail about this topic I first and foremost would like to give you the definition of colour. Colour is a visual sensation; it’s the eyes perception of wavelengths of light with different colours corresponding to different wavelengths. Colour appeals to our emotions. Psychologists worldwide have done much research on the effect of colours and advertisers use this information in their campaigns to attract customers. Colour can change emotions, moods and even appetites. The director of the American Institute for Biosocial Research named Alexander Schauss, says colour has a clear psychological effect on the human mind. He says there are some exceptions but here are some ways in which colour generally affects people: The colour red is associated with movement and excitement and people have found to gamble more and place riskier bets under a red light than a blue light. Black is a more serious colour that evokes strong emotions associated with authority, power, stability, strength, intelligence and grieving. White is associated mostly with purity, cleanliness and safety Pink is the most gentle of all colours. It lowers the energy level and has a calming effect. Blue is said to produce calming effects but too much blue can cause a depressing effect. That’s why people call it a blue Monday because on the weekend some people party too much then on Monday they feel depressed because they have to go back to their weekly normal routine. Green is restful; it has the presence of life-giving water in an environment. Yellow is associated with laughter, happiness and creativity. Studies have shown school children perform better in yellow classrooms because it producers a feeling of optimism. But yellow can be overpowering and cause anxiety if over-used...
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