Wonderful Oz Dorothy

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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The Wizard of Oz is a classic, a legend, and a children’s story that will never grow old. Quotes from the story such as “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore,” and “There’s no place like home,” are ones that will always pop into our heads when someone says Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz.” These are the lines that are related right away to the famous story. Dorothy’s long, adventurous trip down the Yellow Brick Road where she did make many specials friends and their find Esmerald city. Dorothy is a comun and adopted girl from Kansas she is adopted, Kansas is a desolated and too boring place, everywhere are gray and sad, she living with her aunt and uncle, and her dog toto, toto is an only Dorothy´s friends and she is worried about her aunt and uncle, she have a small bed in a corner, her home is too small, One day a Cyclone will come to Kansas, and everybody was overwhelmed with this notice. When the cyclone was coming the Dorothy´s house disappeared and landing in a strange place: Oz In Oz Dorothy can make many strangers and specially friends, Oz is a wonderful place, opposite to Kansas, Oz have vivid colors, and plants and wonderful peoples, everybody looks friendly, she meet a tin man, a Scarecraw and an Cowardly Lion, yet of wonderful oz, and great people here, Dorothy Miss her home in Kansas, and she´s want find smerald city for help about how will go home in Kansas. The Character Dorothy have a great mean because often times, people want more from their basic life. life. They may be unsatisfied with personal issues or simply unhappy and want to escape. But when we go searching for what we believe is “missing” in our lives, we later discover that we’ve lost sight of what is actually significant. This theme of gaining meaning in our lives can be portrayed in the book The Wizard of Oz, through the quest of the protagonist, Dorothy. Dorothy’s adventure aided her development of sanity and morality by helping her appreciate her family,...
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