Womens Role in Muslim, African, and Indian Societies

Topics: Islam, Africa, Muhammad Pages: 3 (1279 words) Published: January 30, 2013
In each of these societies, Muslim, African, and Indian what was the social position and role of women? Was any one of these societies more equitable to women than the others? Explain how one might be considered better than the others or how they were all the same. The role of women in the Muslim society was to be subservient to the men in their lives. Women were expected to be seen and not heard, and only seen when they were permitted to leave their homes from the dominate male in the household. Women were married off at a young age to men, and were always supposed to support and honor the males in her life, especially the dominate male in her life. Men were allowed to take more than one wife but women were not given this right. Men were also authorized to divorce their wives, women were only granted this right when they met certain circumstances; most likely not at all. According to the Quran women were allowed to own personal property but it was not practiced, also according to the Quran women were to "cover their bosoms". This covering of the chest evolved into women covering all skin on their bodies except the skin around their eyes and hands, some don't even allow the hands to show skin. A skill that was expected of all women was to learn to weave clothing and rugs. Girls at a very early age, sometimes as early as four, were taught to spin and prepare wool from the families’ flock of sheep. As the girls grew they were taught more and more about the art of making clothes and weaving rugs. Since girls were married off and the male gaining family required a dowry for the girls this art of making clothing and rugs was considered essential. It was a skill that would help to support the family both in clothing the family and monetarily. The role of women in the African society was in theory the same as that of the Muslim women, in practice though a little different. Men were the dominate figures in general society and women were their subordinates just as that...
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