Womens Rights in the World Form 1950 to Today

Topics: Human rights, Women's rights, Women's suffrage Pages: 4 (1152 words) Published: January 20, 2008
Women's Rights Throughout the World from 1950 to Today
Women's rights can be defined as a woman's entitlement to live as an equal human being (Barry). The manipulation of the rights women can have can be seen around the world in 1950 and even today in pre-industrialized societies. In pre-industrialized cultures the standard of living is lower for the entire country. Naturally, the patriarchal society would try to repress women's rights even further than that of an industrialized country. "Industrialization accelerates the availability of education and the international human rights' declarations recognize that everyone has the right to education for the full development of the human personality" (Barry).

In the world today, literacy continues to be a significant indicator of women's subordinate status. With literacy comes opportunities for jobs, higher education, and independence. "According to the United Nation's development program's ‘Human Development Report, 1991' one half of rural women (ages 15+) in developing countries are illiterate" (Barry). In many pre-industrialized countries, marital feudalism is evident because of the traditional lifestyles of its natives. Marital feudalism involves women becoming the legal property of their husbands. In pre-industrial societies as well as in the United States before the Woman's Rights Movement, women's right were very limited. Women could not own or inherit property, sign contracts, sue or be sued, divorce, or gain child custody (Barry). Most women were denied admission to colleges and many rewarding occupations. Women could find work as teachers, seamstresses, factory workers, and domestic servants. The modest wages women received belonged to their husbands or their fathers if they still lived at home (DuPont).

During warfare, women's rights are further suppressed. In 1930 Germany, women were considered unfit for anything but bearing "aran children" or children that would grow up to be soldiers. Women and...
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