Womens Rights in the Workplace

Topics: Gender, Discrimination, Female Pages: 5 (1896 words) Published: December 6, 2010
Brittany Dorris
Mr. Dean Ford
Eng. 101
04 October 2010
A Wife, a Mom, and a Worker
Women fought very hard for their rights in the workplace. Some of them, including Susan B Anthony, went above and beyond the norm. Yet, today our rights are still not the same as a man’s. At one point women weren’t allowed to work at all, and today they are allowed to have jobs while still being home makers. Although improvements have been made, there are still several dilemmas that need to be addressed. A women earns less than a man when doing the same work, and that is extremely unfair. Another issue in the workplace is that men underestimate women due to lack of strength and discrimination. There are also the issues of pregnancy and sexual harassment. Due to financial aspects, discrimination, and issues solely based on gender, women are not treated equally in the workplace.

A young adult female will pay the same tuition as a young male throughout school, yet in the workplace she will earn less money. A woman only earns 77 cents on the dollar of what a man earns (Talk). The average 25 year old woman working full time until age 65 will earn $523,000 less than the average working man (Rodriguez). It is unjust that a female pays the same for an education in order to get a job, but a male at the same job will earn more money. African American women earn 72 cents to the dollar of a white male and Latino females earn 60 cents (Williams). If a woman is required to pay the same bills as a man, then why does she earn less for doing the same job? If a man has an electricity bill for $100 and earns 10 dollars per hour, he only has to work ten hours in order to pay the electricity bill. When a woman has a $100 electric bill and works the same job as the aforementioned male, she would have to work more than 10 hours. Women aren’t required to work at a slower pace than men and are required to pay the same for bills and schooling, so it is not fair for them to make less money.

Women are often discriminated against and belittled in the workplace due to factors that are not logical. It is frequently claimed that woman should have to ‘fit in’ to a ‘masculine culture’, but there is little systematic evidence on this (Faulkner 2). Women are too often discriminated against and underestimated when it comes to careers. An example of women being underestimated while at work is in the military.

Though the percentage of women in the U.S military has increased dramatically since 1980, which is when they were first allowed to serve, women are less likely to go into combat. Although there are no laws that prohibit women from going into combat, there are laws that prohibit women from going into permanent assignments such as ships and aircrafts, according to a study conducted by the Women’s Research and Education Institute. Most of these restrictions are for the Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force. There are also policies that restrict women’s roles in the Army. Though there are some restrictions on women’s roles in the military, the Coast Guard and Department of Transportation give women opportunities. As a matter of fact, the proportion of jobs available to women in the Coast Guard and Department of Transportation is 100 percent compared to other services in the military, according to the study. (Rodriguez)

There is no logical reason why a female should not be allowed to work permanently on jobs and assignments such as ships and aircrafts. Females are completely capable of using high intellect, doing hard labor, and running equipment. It is very wrong of men to treat women so poorly in the workplace due to stereotypes. Another example of female discrimination in the workplace that I know about from personal experiences is my mother’s career. My mother works in construction and does finish work on houses. She is treated very poorly by her male coworkers because they do not agree with her working a job that they...
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