Womens rights in the 19th centuary

Topics: Working class, Woman, Human rights Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Women’s roles in the 19th century
1.African American women were mainly slaves with roles in the house 2.Lowes class white women were mostly farmers daughters and had to work to help support their families 3.Common jobs for lower class white women included being nanny or house maid for upper class families, nurse, midwives, or dress makers. 4.Francis Cabot Lowell was the first businessman to offer women employment in industry 5.Young Upper-class white women enjoyed pampering and a luxury lifestyle with little to none house hold chores or requirement of work 6.The 19th century marked the start for womens rights and the right to vote and run for office 7.Women had very little education and career opportunities

8.Women always earned less than men, even if they worked longer and harder 9.In the civil war thousands of women joined brigades and signed up as nurses 10.Women formed ladies’ aids societies which would can and grow food, sew for clothing and organized fundraisers so that medical supplies could be purchased 11.Women worked right on the front line with the soldiers, caring for the wounded and the sick

Women did many extraordinary things in the 19th century given the circumstances they were under. The limitations women were under seem to have been present so they couldn’t achieve anything greater than a house wife. Women in fact did achieve many great things in the 19th century including the women’s rights movement, the aid provided to men in the civil, womens employment and the fight that ensued after for womens work standards which included minimum wages and regulated hours. Women went from work 12-13 hour days to 8-9 just like men.

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