Womens Rights in History

Topics: Woman, Slavery, Education Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: May 1, 2011
Women’s Rights
Judith Sargent Stevens Murray writes on the equality of men and women in 1790. Murray wrote this for the public and explains the difference between men and women and how women were degraded in 1790. Murray writes about how women were not allowed to accompany their husbands to certain places because they were not qualified enough and it made the feel inferior. A woman’s place was said to be in the kitchen or sewing. Murray is not bias in her writing but may be looked down on for speaking out against how women were treated at the time. Men may not have seen how women were treated inferiorly and seen the writing as a woman being out of line. Murray’s reason to be honest is to document how women were treated during her time. I believe that Murray’s piece is well written and goes into depth about how men treated women and about the expectations that men had of women.

Molly Wallace wrote to the public about what she learned while attending the Young Ladies’ Academy in Philadelphia. Wallace believed that it was not fair that boys were taught certain things that girls were not offered to learn because it was believed that they would have no use for it. Wallace argues that boys are taught Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, not because they are going to use it or have any advantages by knowing it, but because being knowledgeable about them bring about habits that are valuable. She believes that girls deserve to acquire the same habits that boys are given the chance to learn. Wallace is not bias in her writing and gains the self confidence from speaking out about what she believes. Wallace’s opinion that influenced her writing is based on being a woman in 1792 and being educated but also being expected to use her education in the home. She did not have any reason to be dishonest and was honest to speak to the public about her thoughts on how educated women were treated. I believe that women should have been treated the same as men no matter what. I think it was...
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