Womens Rights

Topics: Poverty, Africa, Human rights Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Since the beginning of time women have been fighting for equal rights to men. In the year 2013 their still fighting, why is this happening? In the next few minutes I’m going to convince you that they should have equal rights and why. In the past women have had the minority of legal rights, being unable to vote or cast political views. They were inferior to men and considered to be objects. In the 18th and 19th century women were simply meant to raise their children and do chores around the house. In the past 100 years women’s rights have changed a lot. Their first major step in becoming more like actual human beings was in the 1920’s when a group of five powerful women changed the identity of women forever. But I’m not here to talk about that amazing story, I’m here to talk about their rights, right now in the present. Many of you may think that this is no longer an issue but unfortunately that is not the case. Despite many successes in moving forward, there are still many issues that need to be fixed. For example on a global scale, women cultivate more than half of all the food that is grown. In sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean, they produce up to 80 percent of basic food supplies. In Asia, they account for around 50 percent of food production. Yet women often get little recognition for that. In fact, many go unpaid. It is very difficult for these women to get the financial resources required to buy equipment etc. but stepping away from that on average women only get 72 percent of what men get. To put that in perspective if a man makes 250 000 dollars a year women will only make 180 000, that is a substantial difference. And therefore there is something called “feminization of poverty” this basically means that women are the ones who suffer from poverty the most. The statistics are overwhelming; according to Professor Richard robins 2 out of 3 poor adults are women. And the reason for that is because Women do 66 percent of the world’s work but only...
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