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Topics: Female, Sexism, Gender Pages: 8 (2062 words) Published: March 19, 2012
Running Head: What are the Problems and Challenges Facing Women or Minorities in Achieving Executive Positions?

Individual Final Research Project

What are the Problems and Challenges Facing Women or Minorities in Achieving Executive Positions?

Tasha Brown

Strategic Human Resource Management, GB520.01

The aim of this paper was to explore the impact of the “glass ceiling” in corporate America, identify the challenges, and examine what problems women or minorities face when pursuing the rise up the corporate ladder. The paper also reviews and identifies the socioeconomic gender gaps, trends and impacts of work-life issues, and the lack of mentorship available to women or minorities. Results of research and studies conducted show women and minorities have made some progress from a sociological perspective managing to break through some barriers, but the mere existence of the “glass ceiling” continues. Through the eyes of those who are and have faced such challenges and problems, examination of this research will help to identify issues, and propose solutions to help corporations to better understand and recognize those hidden and subtle barriers. Lastly, this research will help organizations see the trends and how advancing women or minorities into executive positions can benefit the organization.

I. Overview
II. History
A. Problems and Challenges
1. Women face
2. Minorities face
3. Human Resources face
4. Diversity
III. Glass Ceiling Barriers
A. Types
1. Different compensation for comparable work
2. Discrimination or harassment (sexual, ethnic, racial, religious, etc.) 3. Work and family
4. Lack of mentorship
IV. Leadership Challenges
A. Roles and responsibilities
V. Battle of the Sexes
A. Recruitment
B. Educational
C. Experience
VI. Trends
VII. Summary/Conclusion

What are the Problems and Challenges Facing Women or Minorities in Achieving Executive Positions?
This research was conducted from an investigate concept through personal interviews of minorities and female executives, Human Resources executive recruiters, through journals, articles from websites, peer publications, and secondary research of studies performed through data collection and data analyzation. The various articles and journals reviewed will provide an overview of the glass ceiling, address the problems and challenges, identify the types of barriers and trends, and propose a solution. Through this study we will attempt to measure whether organization’s recruitment process, criteria, and strategic plans are aligned with the goals and objectives to meet the needs of the organization and better identify the best qualified candidate and improve the organization’s bottom line. Glass Ceiling Overview

The “glass ceiling” is defined as the invisible but real barrier through which the next stage or level of advancement can be seen, but cannot be reached by a section of qualified and deserving employees. Such barriers exist due to implicit prejudice on the basis of age, ethnicity, political or religious affiliation, and/or sex. Although generally illegal, such practices prevalent in most countries (www.businessdictionary.com)

The analogy “glass ceiling” is a terminology used quite often in corporate America to best identify just how far women or minorities have or will rise up the corporate ladder. Many feel it is often impossible for that demographic to exceed beyond the level of mid-management; and although we have made some strides and have increased the number of women and minorities entering today’s workforce, it’s no surprise a small fraction of those have successfully risen to the executive level in the corporate environment. Problems and Challenges

Women face greater barriers and rely on strategies for advancement that are...
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