Womens Influence on One Another in "The Joy Luck Club" and "The Colour Purple"

Topics: The Color Purple, Amy Tan, World Book Club Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: April 22, 2009
In “The Color Purple”, Shug Avery has a positive impact on Celie. This empowers Celie to become independent and confident. The author describes the positive impacts when Shug meets Celie during her illness and develops a strong friendship with her. Shug is an independent and strong woman. These are two qualities Celie does not posses. However, when Shug is introduced in the novel, she influences Celie to become a more independent woman. Shug helps Celie with her mental problems, which has been an issue since her early childhood. She was told she was ugly as expressed in the quote “She ugly. He say” (Walker, pg. 10). Shug also had some problems with her appearance and was told she was a prostitute by the preacher. This is expressed in the quote; “He talk bout a strumpet in short skirts, smoking cigarettes, drinking gin. Singing for money and taking other women mens. Talk bout slut, hussy, heifer, and streetcleaner” (Walker, pg. 42). Based on same experience Shug teaches Celie to realise herself as an independent and confident Woman. An example is when Shug teaches Celie to be able to pleasure herself and realise the true feeling of pleasure and not abuse which Celie is used too. “Listen, she say, right down there in your pussy is a little button that gits real hot when you do you know what with somebody. It get hotter and hotter and then it met. That the good part. But other parts good too, she say. Lot of sucking go on, here and there, she say. Lot of finger and tongue work.” (Walker, pg. 74, l. 15). Walker emphasizes Celie's feelings towards Shug, which develop when the women spend more time together and Shug influences Celie. She realises actual love and develops a sexual lust towards Shug as well as expressed in the quote; “It warm and cushiony, and I feel like Shug’s big tits sorta flop over my arms like suds. It feel like heaven is what it feel like, not like sleeping negative effect by making her daughter miserable by strongly criticizing her appearance...
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