Womens Fashion Trough the Ages

Topics: Miniskirt, Trousers, Skirt Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: May 22, 2013
1950’S - Another style of dress favored by women in the '50s was the chemise dress, as it could be worn on most body types. The dress was loose and had a straight cut, allowing the wearer to experiment with belts. Women switched to trendy coats instead of the traditional shawls. One also saw the large use of feathers as a part of the fashion. Long, knee-length coats with loose sleeves, caught on really well in the 1950s. Among the different fabrics, silk was widely used and furs are also an important place in the wardrobes of most women. Furs were considered to be a status symbol and purchasing clothes of fur was definitely an expensive affair.

1960’s – during the 60’s Miniskirts were introduced by Mary Quant and it became an instant rage among women. It changed the fashion scene completely and every young women wanted a mini skirt in her wardrobe. Mini dresses were also one of the key fashion trends of the 1960s and they were generally of A line silhouette with sleeveless designs. Mini dresses in pastel colors were quite popular. Sheath dresses with hemlines that falls just above the knee as well as peg top skirts were also popular during this time. As the decade progresses, hemlines of women's dresses kept rising. Very short mini dresses known as micro minis made an appearance and was much favored by young women.

1970’s – during the 70’s people dressed as hippies because they thought war between America and Vietnam was unfair One of the most popular fashion trend in the '70s is the bell bottom pants. Bell-bottom pants were also high-waisted with a prominently flaring hemline and were made with fabrics like satin, velvet, lycra and suede. The bell-bottoms were perhaps the most famous trend of the '70s for both men and women. High-waisted flared denims were also very much in vogue during the '70s and they were available in a variety of colors ranging from Prussian blue, acid yellow to bottle green and dusky pink. Women did...
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