Womens Equal Rights

Topics: Gender, Woman, Gender role Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: October 17, 2011
Women’s Equal Rights
Women lead different lives than men, certainly they have many of the same aspects and goals, but it seems that for many women they may to have to reach a little harder than men in some cases. Sometimes simply even reaching a goal is never enough; many times they feel they have to go further to get ahead. As they reach for their dreams they may come to obstacles that arise because of their gender. Therefore, feminist therapy came about 40 years ago to help women who may be experiencing some type of psychological distress due to their gender. It also focuses on enabling women to understand their differences in society while helping them break through the stereotypical traditional roles a women plays in this world. Should women rely on therapy to help get them through sexism or pessimism so that they feel they have equal rights? “Awareness of women as an oppressed group grew out of the privileged class of women who were, for the most part, White and educated … The women’s liberation movement, as just noted, sought to change social, political, and cultural beliefs about the role of women in the world” (Evans, 2005, pp.269). Sexism can have a huge impact on women and their general maturity. They may experience some type of social outcome that may be delicate or not tough; this may cause some aggressiveness, fear or even hostility on the woman’s’ part, thus giving the woman an antagonistic personality. Women should be able to focus on strengthening areas in their lives such as self esteem and communication, while developing mutual equal relationships of support from community.

The task of the counselor or therapist is to help them overcome their fears as a woman in this society, and help them deal with them daily. However, feminist therapy is not only suitable for women, but men as well can gain great concepts from this type of therapy. It is especially important that they client learn what is causing the issues to arise before they can come...
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