Women's Rights

Topics: Women's suffrage, Human rights, Supreme court Pages: 4 (1294 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Women Rights
No Rights? Are You Kidding Me?
In the early 1900s, women barely had any kind of rights. There were many laws that prevented us from doing anything. For one thing, women were EXPECTED to stay at home and take care of the cooking and cleaning. Women were also considered as the “property” of men once they got married. They couldn’t do anything without the permission of their husband. Women couldn’t sign any contracts, and so they wouldn’t be able to start any businesses without their husbands. Women didn’t even have any property or inheritance rights once they got married, so they couldn’t own any kind of land, couldn’t keep any kind of money, and they didn’t even have legal custody rights for their children, the father had ALL the rights. The worst part of it all? Well, we didn’t even have the right to take our husband to court if they abused us! So basically, they can just hit and slap us all they want, and we couldn’t do anything, at all. Basically, at that time, it was die alone, or have no rights or respect for the rest of your life.

We ARE People!
In the 1900s, a woman wasn’t even considered a person! Since they weren’t considered as people, they didn’t get a single say in politics of anything else. One of the main focuses for women was the right to vote. They didn’t get this right for a long time.

The Valiant Five, which was a group of women, were the people who helped women be recognized as people. In 1927, they went to the Supreme Court of Canada, and asked them if women were persons. After many weeks of debates and disagreements, the Supreme Court of Canada decided that the definition of “person” did NOT include women in any way. The Valiant Five wouldn’t accept this and so they took the Persons Case to the highest court of Canada, The Privy Court, in England. They worked hard, and so on October 18, 1929; the Privy Court had announced that women were indeed persons. This was a HUGE milestone in women history.

Women’s Rights...
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