Women's Rights

Topics: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Sexual orientation Pages: 4 (1528 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Women's Rights Organizations
Jacqueline Friederich
January 20, 2013
Beverly Sessoms

Women's Rights Organizations

The status of women in the United States throughout history has been written off as not having much of any rights and protection at all. In the beginning of history, women were married and did not have jobs and were the ones who were responsible for taking care of the children. Women were not allowed to vote or make important discussions. It was considered that the man was the head of the household and they make the money and paid the bills. According to Racial and Ethnic Groups (Shaefer, 2012), “in 1879, an amendment to the Constitution was introduced that would have given women the right to vote. In 1919, it was finally passed as the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution.” A year later is when women were allowed to vote. As women began to work in the work force they were not consider important or any ideas they may have had. They were basically told what to do and were expected to do it. It was hard to believe the women were able to work and yet hold a family together. So it took some time getting used to. We did not see women on television in shows or in commercials. Women were not always visual but always behind the scenes. Today women are more outgoing, in sports, advancement in jobs and making careers. They are also applying for jobs that men would be work for. There used to be work for women and work for me, but today, women are able to apply for any job and can get the same training. In some countries today, like Pakistani, women are the minority and the men are majority. Men control the women. Men control the women. Women do not have rights at all, and if a woman dishonors a man, she suffers punishment or even death (John Macionis, 2012). Women are told how to dress and how they are to ask. A woman must show honor to the man with her behavior, which no matter what is true, whether the...
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