women's right movement

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As the time past, and more women are educated, they started to think about the

equal rights. Women’s status are always lower than men’s status. They did not want to be in this kind of situation any more. Therefore the feminist movement started in the 19th century. The movement began in Europe and America. This is a major turning point in women history, because at this time the idea of liberty and equality just germinated. At this time, women finally challenged the idea that they must always please men. And because of this idea, men always think they are better than women. At the time, women even became the property of men. Men can even abuse women if they wanted to. Of course, it was impossible for women to have any rights. At that time, women always suffered from all those stresses. The situation do not only occurred in the family, but also in the entire society. For example if a woman has the same ability as a man, she would get less payment than a man and for no reason. Sometimes if a man and a woman goes to an interview at the same time, the employ will consider the man first. This is a kind of discrimination against women. That is unfair to the women. In families women always give up their career for husbands and kids and they would take care of them. But men do not sacrifice anything. Without income, some women were looked down by their husbands. Without economic support, women are very frail. Therefore women need to be protected by men. However, men mostly control the society: therefore, it is unfavorable for women to compete with men in this kind of situation. Finally the succeed of the feminist movement established the bright further of women. As a mature and prosperous society women should have exactly same rights as men.!

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In the present society, citizens have many rights. Such as the right to vote,

suffrage right, property right, guardianship, citizenship and so on. These rights ensure our lives’ quality. As citizens own these rights they can have many benefits from those rights. They can be protected by the law and the country. But long time ago women did not have any right. Generally women are much weaker than men no matter from mental or physical. Under the men’s control if they did not get any protection they will be so vulnerable. They did not have any power to revolt. In old China women had no rights , and people believed men are better than women. Therefore they rather have boy than girl. Sometimes if they had a girl they just kill her or throw her away. At that time, they had to suffer from foot-binding in order to marry a good man. Old China allow one husband have more than one wife, and they treat their wives like slaves. Those things reflected the women’s situation at that time. They can not even chose what kind of life they were going to live. Because men chose them and those women’s future were in men’s hands. As females, we are so lucky that we are born in this time.! !

In the past women even did not have citizenship. They were belongings to their

husbands juts like items. Some of the women were forced to stay at home for their whole life. They can not go outside. Husbands could asked their wives to do work, but instead husbands would get payment. Women were treated like animals without any humanity. Because they do not consider female as a person. That was so horrible. There is a doggerel in Chinese, the basic meaning is " A husband’s wife is his donkey, you can beat her and ride on her." Not only husband can do this to his wife. If the wife give birth to a girl, the husband’s parents would not be happy and they can get rid of her if they want to. Women do not have any status in ancient China at all. Of course they

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would not be considered as a citizen, even a part of the society. To be a citizen the most basic rights are the right to vote, the right to be elected and the right of personal liberty. But at that time they were just like slaves. To have...
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