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http://www.navalandmilitarymuseum.org/resource_pages/unsung_women/rcn_first_women.html Canadian nurses volunteered their services during a period of great change and innovation in the field of military medical services. It was also a time of tremendous danger. Canadian military nurses, or nursing sisters, as they were sometimes called, often worked right near the front in wartime. They were also present on hospital ships, where they daily faced the threat of torpedo attacks. Many of them lost their lives on the job.

Canadian nurses in World War I
http://suite101.com/article/canadian-nurses-in-world-war-one-a17994 Canada in nurses volunteered during a period of great change in the military medical field. A Canadian military nurse, or nursing sisters, as they were sometimes called, often worked right near the front in wartime. This was also the time of danger as the nurses were present on hospital ships, where they also faced torpedo attacks. Many nurses also lost their lives. Nurses during the war provided emergency care for bleeding gashes, broken and missing limbs, and devastating injuries of the war. The nurses gave the soldiers hope and security in bare time, providing kindness, a maternal touch and the comfort that only caring women could provide. Veterans’ affairs stared that from 1914 to 1918

3,141 single Canadian women volunteered to join the war effort of Canada. Most of the women were modern independent and they were school graduates and they carried nursing diplomas. Under the Canadian military were rewarded with the rank of lieutenant thought this was only in the medical field. As lieutenants women received a generous pay, vacations and a good job. Until the end of the war. But the working condition of women was exhausting. Nursing sister’s worked in hospitals others were stationed at casualty clearing near the front. They lived in rough shacks and tents. There often use to be less space in consideration with the number of wounded men. The nurses also had to guard the men against infections of insects, fleas and rats. The rats were always hungry for food, ever attacking wounded soldiers. There was shortage of water and that shortage forced the nurses to cope with the spread of infectious diseases. Sometimes the supply of the water use to be poisoned by the enemy. They nurses were forced to make desperate unwanted choices like sometimes they had to decide between leaving a dying patient alone to see another solider that has some chance of survival. As they were told on collections Canada. Due to the treatment given to soldiers by the women many soldiers survived the Great War. This diligent, courageous women earned respect and honours for their selfless work. As with the soldiers many nurses gave their lives during the war. Canadian nurses in world war 1

In recognition of the great sacrifices made by Canadian Nursing Sisters during World War One, a monument of sculptured marble was installed in 1926 in the Hall of Honor on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario


The role of women before World War 1
Britain was a country divided the wealthy lived extremely well, serviced in great country houses with servants, whereas the poor lived in the city slums. Just like that women were also divided but not just by class system by also by their gender. Whether they were rich or poor they were not considered equal to men. Like criminal and insane they were also not allowed to vote. Women that were did not marry could take over property nor have the custody of their own kids. Not all women were fortunate who could choose their own career. Not surprisingly a growing political awareness began to grow among women .the women suffragist movement had its roots in the Victorian era but finally gained its pace in the years leading to the World War 1. The government reacted very differently and...
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