Women Will Dominate the American Economy

Topics: Human brain, Economy of the United States, Lateralization of brain function Pages: 6 (2037 words) Published: May 31, 2013
WR 122
Ms. Ferrell
15 May 2013
The Ways of the Future
Day and night, the ocean and the sky, men and women all have something in common: symbiosis. Men have tended to be the primary source of income since civilization has existed. The reason for this is the physical differences between men and women, as well as unequal treatment towards women. On average, men are thirty percent stronger than women (especially in the upper body), men are usually taller than women, and they have bigger hearts and lungs than women, additionally having better intake and delivery systems of oxygen. These physical differences between men and women have put men on a pedestal when compared to women; physical strength has been considered to be a symbol of power, all throughout time, across many different cultures. Hence, power has not always considered to be knowledge or creativity. Throughout American history, the majority of the jobs were physical labor based. The development of technology has started to cut physical labor out of the equation though. The Agricultural Revolution and the Industrial Revolution are examples of this. America has slowly transitioned, after the World War II, from a blue-collar economy to majority white-collar economy due to the Technological Revolution, especially and the birth of the computer. America has changed immensely in the last hundred years. Social rights movement in the 1960’s have paved the way for social equality, weakening the social restrictions of what women can and cannot do, and the Technological Revolution has unified our world. These phenomena, along with other variables, have influenced the nature of America’s economy. Currently, a paradigm shift is gaining momentum, propelling from the Information Age, which is “left brain” dominated, ( is demonstrated by qualities such as critical thinking, numbers, logic and language), to the Age of Conception, a societal paradigm that calls for the celebration of ‘right brain” qualities, especially, creativity, language, meaning, design and empathy. The United States is sending many of its tech jobs to other countries because they are able to do the same work but faster and cheaper. This has caused an accelerating demand for a workforce that is not just equipped with technical know-how and information, but with the ability to take information and create meaning and cause them to effectively interacts with each other. Thus, requiring a completely different workforce that has never been adequately utilized before in an emerging market: women. The American workforce will change from mainly male dominated to female dominated, because it has to adapt to the outsourcing of technological jobs to Asian countries. Many countries in Asia are now performing vast amounts of white collar (left side of the brain work), which can be done faster and cheaper than in America. Out of all of the software, computer and high tech jobs in America, 1 out of 10 will be shipped over seas in the next two years. Furthermore, counties like Russia, China and India will take 3.3 million jobs and $136 billion dollars in wages from Americans in high tech jobs in the year 2015. The National Science Director, Subra Suresh, states, "This information clearly shows we must re-examine long-held assumptions about the global dominance of the American science and technology enterprise. We must take seriously new strategies for education, workforce development and innovation in order for the United States to retain its international leadership position." This type of predicament has faced the American workforce in the past. During the Industrial Age, the jobs of many blue-collar workers were substituted when the steam engine was invented. Just the same as John Henry could not compete with the steam drill, the modern American, in the high tech field, cannot compete with technologies ability to calculate logically, precisely, and efficiently; man cannot compete with left brain thinking of...
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