Women Want Domination

Topics: Marriage, The Wife of Bath's Tale, Husband Pages: 4 (1735 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Women want domination
A lot of writers talk about what do women want, and they have different opinions about it. Women want all kinds of things, they want money, they want love and they even want sex. But, what are women purely looking for? Chaucer talked about it in his Canterbury Tales by telling the prologue and tale of Wife of Bath. In the tale of Wife of Bath, he started this discussion with a queen's question. “What thing it is that women most desire” (Chaucer, The Wife of Bath's Tale, 49). And he finally told the answer to people that women want “sovereignty” (Chaucer, The Wife of Bath's Tale, 182). Chaucer gave out the question about what do women desire, and then gave the answer to the question. As he was explaining that in The Wife of Bath's Tale, he described that women want to dominate their husbands and love in The Wife of Bath's Prologue by telling the story that happened between Alison and her five husbands. All the facts and details point out that women want domination. Even know that some times Alison failed to control Jenkin, she tries to do that and was successfully doing that most time. And when she failed to dominate Jenkin, she would be mad. Jenkin had a book which he called it “Theophrastus”(Chaucer, The Wife of Bath's Prologue, 661) and “Valerius”(Chaucer, The Wife of Bath's Prologue, 661). In this book, it had many stories about that women and wives made some bad consequences by their actions and decisions. Every time when Alison tried to go out herself at night, Jenkin would read those stories to make her feel bad and unhappy. Alison wanted to stop him and do what she decided to do, because she wanted to control Jenkin. She thought that Jenkin should listen to what she was saying and do what she was asking him to do, instead of trying to make her do what he wanted her to do. In Alison's opinion, she should be the one who make the decision and dominate their home. So, she thought she could go out and do whatever she want, Jenkin should...
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