Women vs. Men

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  • Published : September 17, 2013
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Men vs. Women
One way some people feel the sexes are different are that some men are too aggressive and some women are too sensitive. But in the world of overall retail shopping in stores or online, women top the charts of spending the most money on things they do not need. Women in the world spend about 5 trillion dollars annually, on themselves and their families. (Practical ecommerce) Men are reluctant store shoppers. They focus more on getting what they need and getting out quickly. Men and women have different shopping habits. Like for men shopping is a mission, women it’s a social event and similarities are both sexes need each other.

To begin with, men look at shopping as a mission. Their spouse gives them an assignment to go the mall. They locate the target. They make payment and exit the location as quickly as possible. They report back to their spouse. Mission accomplished! Grab a beer and celebrate! Men generally shop alone. They rarely compare prices. Men don’t care if the item is on sale. They really don’t care about the color. Men sometimes compare quality, but only when it involves tools. Men generally don’t take men friends with them shopping. Most of them really don’t want their friends’ advice about how certain clothes look on them.

In addition to how men shop, women on the other hand, look at shopping as a social event and love to bring their girlfriends along. They enjoy taking several outfits into the dressing room to try on. All outfits may be the same style, cut and size but they are different colors and women love to try everyone on and have their friends critique them in each one. Women tend to compare their choices in greater detail. Price, quality, feel and whether their friends like the clothes on them. Many times women will spend all day looking at several items in different stores and still not buy anything. Women second guess because, they might see something better in the next store they go to. Women prefer to go shopping...
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