Women Under the Taliban

Topics: Taliban, Afghanistan, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: April 7, 2013
The majority of Americans are uninformed about the injustice of the Afghanistan women in the many recent years. The women in Afghanistan didn’t always have a burka hiding their face from others in public. There was a time when the women had a life very much like today’s ordinary American woman. In the book, The Dressmaker, we get to know of how oppression changes the lives of each and every person in a family along with the changes in their community. For the community of Kabul changes lead to a financial and economical struggle. The women’s lives are transformed after the Taliban take control of Kabul. The rights of women are stripped from them and they are left with basically nothing. This change in the lives of the women brings more responsibility for the men to carry. The men are also affected by the Taliban regime and unfair removal of the women’s prior role in their community. Meanwhile, the women find themselves in a bind to be able to feed their family and get the medical attention they need. In The Dressmaker, the Sidiqi family find themselves facing a difficult moment with the new changes in their country. Malika is the oldest sister of the family, who confronts/experiences the hardships the oppression brings to her and her family. However, by the end, Malika successfully rises above the despotism against women. The Taliban regime took control of Kabul and implemented their interpretation of Islamic laws in the year 1996. The arrival of the Taliban marked a timeline completely different known to the women in Afghanistan. Paul Watson wrote an article in the L.A. Times about a doctor who experienced and witnessed the many medical mishaps due to the Taliban laws. Watson stated, “The Taliban were so obsessed with hiding women from men’s eyes that even a male surgeon could not see his dying patient’s exposed flesh” (Watson1). This statement describes how the women couldn’t be seen by the men, even if it was a doctor trying to save his female patient. In...
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