Women Unable to Pursue a Career

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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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Why do women leave careers after having invested heavily in developing the skills that would help them succeed in their career? Some research suggests that "many women do not freely choose to leave the workplace, but instead are pushed out by persistent workplace barriers such as limited workplace flexibility, unaffordable childcare, and negative stereotypes about working mothers" (http://www.psychologicalscience.org/index.php/news/releases/women-who-leave-the-workplace-opting-out-or-overlooking-discrimination.html). I found an interesting report prepared by Choose 2 Lead Women’s Foundation for the Department of Labor listing the following reasons for why women are leaving the workforce: * These women are not monolithic, but can be characterized as generally fitting into one of the * following scenarios:

* always knew they would leave to raise children
* wanted to pursue an entrepreneurial path
* satisfied with their job but factors and events forced a decision * dissatisfied with their job and factors and events led to their decision * A critical factor in most women’s career decision-making processes is job satisfaction, which includes workplace culture and practices.

* Many mid-career women desire job flexibility or predictable schedules, yet many careers are linear and jobs are one-size-fits-all, resulting in a mismatch between supply and demand. * Many women could have been retained if employers would have restructured job requirements. In addition, Choose 2 Lead Women's Foundation reported some perspectives and concerns of female executives were: * Some executive women expressed frustration as they perceive that a male-dominated, inflexible corporate culture can constrain their abilities to succeed. Several senior women told of being excluded from firm-wide leadership positions and even from key decision-making, which often takes place informally between male leaders during social gatherings on weekends. *...
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