Women Status in China and Japan

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Women status in China and Japan
Long time ago, women status in China is very low class because men think women is not strong enough, so women just only have to do the house work, take care the kids, cooking and do the laundry. And men can go outside work. In china, men status is higher than the women, and women have to listen the men. Even they get married, women still need to follow husband order. Chinese people think and believe boy is better than girl because when the girl grows up, she will marry to someone and leave her house. When the baby is born (even is boy or girl), the children name is always follow to use their father last name, and also it is Chinese tradition. Maybe the children are the same type of blood as father, but not mother. Back then social, women did not have any power at all. Because in people eye, women is very cheap and only can do is laundry. Women can not go to school, and never. It was the law all women can not go to school. The only women have power are queen mother and queen of the dynasty. In Japan, women have to listen husband order. Japanese women don’t need to work outside but house work and take care of the kids. In Japanese tradition, Japanese women want to become a good wife, so they serve their husband very well and never argue with husband.
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