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  • Published: February 20, 2013
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Women’s Sports
The American people can often overlook what a major impact woman’s sports have had in their society. Women’s sports have come a long way in America by women proving they are physically capable of participating in any type of athletics. For women, sports are more than fun activities. It is a way that they can use their talents in order to build confidence, leadership, and show how hard work can help achieve their goals. Women’s sports have become one of the biggest influences in American culture due to the great success women have achieved, the growing amount of scholarship opportunities, and women athlete’s relentless fight for equality within society. The respect women have gained throughout history is remarkable. They had to overcome every challenge they faced in order to earn what they deserve. Janet Woolum agrees by saying: “Throughout the history of sports in America, women have had to battle society's strict conventions to participate in competitive sports.” Women did fight throughout history and had to prove to society that they deserve respect in American culture. Women began to succeed in respect during the 1920’s. During the Roaring Twenties, “the suffrage movement was reinvigorated by women’s war time advancements, achieved success and gave women both actual political power and a border sense of possibility.” With World War I taking place, it drew a lot of men out of the country to go fight overseas. Women had to take on men’s roles in the country by doing the hard labor the men left behind. Women began to prove that they were able to do the physically difficult work that the men could do. This was the beginning of women starting to gain the respect they were seeking. One of the biggest impacts for women’s sports was the All-American Girls Baseball League. According to Richard C. Bell, “The All-American Girls Baseball League was started in 1943 as an attempt to replace Major League Baseball.” This league was a way for women to show how capable they were of playing at the same level as men. The league presented an opportunity for women to show their talents and provide a name for women playing a man’s sport. Women have showed great success in sports is through their participation in the Olympic Games. In the Olympics the “first female participants were the nineteen women who competed at the 1900 Games in Paris.” This was the start of numerous amounts of women making history in the Olympic Games. An American woman named Margaret Abbot enjoyed playing golf, and won several tournaments in America. Abbot went on to win the nine-hole golf tournament and was recognized as the first female American Olympian winner.4 Abbot made a great impact in women’s sports because she began a long line of very talented women, all having success in sports. In the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games Track and Field became a big event for women to compete in. An American woman named Elizabeth Robinson was the first female gold medalist in a track and field event in Olympic history.4 Robinson was a very gifted athlete who made her known by her high school track coach noticed her outstanding athletic ability while she was running to catch a train. Elizabeth Robinson was very influential in America because she showed people that women can have natural athletic ability and they just needed to be given the opportunity to show it. The Winter Olympics also gave women the opportunity to participate in those competitions as well. Female athletes were able to compete in the Winter Olympics in 1924. With the Olympics growing in popularity it became a great opportunity for women to promote their excellent talent by competing with other countries. As female athletes continued to show their determination to be socially accepted they were given the chance to become a part of the Olympics Games. During the 1996 Summer Olympics 39% of the U.S. Olympic team was female. This proved that women have progressively made their mark in...
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