Women Should Not Go to Work

Topics: Woman, Childhood, Mother Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: October 9, 2011
. You all will second my thought that the most honored word in this world is Mother, in whatever the language you say. Only the woman is fortunate enough to be that most honored personality. Therefore, the woman deserves all the respect of the society. In any corner of the world, men generally respect the woman hood. That’s why we have this concept of “ladies first”, in any an occasion. Therefore, you will agree that the womanhood is being honored profoundly, solely due to her ability to play the role of a mother. You would have observed that every human being living in this world is competing with one another in a battle field. All are living a hectic, busy life. We got limited amount of necessities. But our wants are unlimited. In this world of scarce resources, different people try different methods. As I mentioned before, as the resources are limited to satisfy these needs, money has gotten the priority out of all sorts of resources. So why do you think everybody is living this hectic tedious life?; to earn money. You will never be satisfied with the amount of money that you earn; you still crave for more money. This is one of the main reasons why most of the women are employed nowadays. After sometimes people become greedy of money, and will work harder and harder day and night without a rest, and will finally lose the self satisfaction. They will be trapped in their hectic lives, with the hunger for more money. You would have seen many people spending their days in a living hell, with no freedom or self satisfaction. Women in the developing countries tend to migrate to developed countries looking for employment. Who do you think is really suffering because of the departure of these parents? Our very own sisters and brothers like you and me. We all deserve that valuable maternal love. We hear of many children who are deprived of maternal love, for some in their early childhood or later in the childhood. Children, whose parents are engaged in foreign...
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