Women Should Not Be in the Military

Topics: Rape, Military, Gender Pages: 4 (1391 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Women Should Not be in the Military
Samantha Purdue

Eng 11-8
Mr. Pagan
8 May 2013

    From the beginning of time, women and war have always been considered to have little in common. As the weaker sex, women are commonly associated with caring and with creating life, rather than with its destroying. Although women today do have the opportunity to enter the army, they are not officially allowed to enter combat and fight alongside their male counterparts. In general, a gun should not be put into the hands of such a tender and vulnerable being as a woman? Women are considered gentle in this world. Maybe not as much in this generation, in comparison to other generations, but gentle nonetheless. Being so gentle, men feel a sense of empowerment over a woman. So much power, that men feel as though they can control the women, especially in the military. Men in military have been known to sexually assault women that join. “More recently the Army’s top enlisted man was on trial for sexual harassment and assault; Congress is studying integrated military training; the Armed Services are reviewing two other recent reports on integrated training; the first women to command surface combat ships are preparing for their assignments to the fleet; and well known columnists write in opposition to women's integration and blame them for many military ills including lack of readiness and aircraft crashes”. (Simon 1). Not only do women get assaulted, they also get blamed for things that they may have not even done; the men are the one’s who blame them. Another good reason women should not be in the military, is that they do not have all of the physical or mental requirements to fight other people. “For example, at the time of enlistment, a seventeen-year-old female is expected to do thirteen push-up, compared to thirty-five for males”. (Brown 22). If women are capable of being in the military, shouldn’t they be just as physical as the men they are supposed to be equal to? Women...
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