Women Should Go to Combat

Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: March 27, 2013
We think that women should be allowed to go to combat. My biggest reason because men and women are equal. There are so many reasons I think women are equal to men. For example the first reason is because of the 19th amendment. Because of the 19th amendment women got the right to vote. Women waited 70 years till the 19th amendment was passed. Because of this law women got the right not only to vote but also to get jobs, and their education just like how men were allowed to do. Women were tired of just being that stay at home mom only cleaning and taking care of the kids. They wanted to go out and have their freedom and go get jobs and have the same rights as men had. So they fought for it till they finally got what they wanted the 19th amendment to pass and have equal rights as men. They went on hunger strikes and went to jail for pro-testing. If they can handle hunger and the entire miss treating people did to them they can handle going to combat with men if they wanted to.

Our second reason is that women should get the choice if they want to go to combat. We think that they should get the right to choice because they make them sign a contract that has a job description of what their going to be doing just like any job. If they read this contract and they still believe that they can handle going into combat then that is their own choice and people should respect their choice. Just like men have the right to decide if they want to go to combat or just be in the reserves then women should have the same right to decide. After all the 19th amendment was made for women to have the same rights as men. Women did not just fight for 70 years just so they can get treated differently than men when it comes to fighting for our country.
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